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George McCulloch painted by Pascal Dagnan BouveretThis section of our website began with just a few pictures of unknown artists or dealers, but has expanded considerably, in recent years, following contributions from Professor Caroline Dakers in London, family historian David Wright in Australia, researcher Sorcha Ni Foghluda, and McCulloch's biographer, Lawrence McCallum, in New Zealand, all of whose help has been invaluable.

It now provides an on-line record of the greater part of the large collection of drawings, paintings and sculptures purchased by the art collector George McCulloch (1848 - 1907) that had been displayed in his home at 184 Queens Gate in London.

Some the works had been loaned to exhibitions and, following McCulloch's death, and courtesy of his widow, the majority of the collection was displayed at the Royal Academy Winter Exhibition of 1909 at London.

The collection was largely disposed at sales in 1909, 1911, and 1913 at the auction rooms of Christie, Manson and Woods in London.

Our record is mainly in the form of an 'Index', principally based upon the RA Exhibition Catalogue of 1909, the index of a Special Edition of the Art Journal of 1909 which was devoted to McCulloch's collection, and the Christie's sale catalogue of 1913; but you will also find links to images of some, but not all, of the works, and information about a few of the dealers who bought pictures. These dealers were middle-men who would have quickly sold the paintings on to clients, so it is not always clear where the paintings and sculptures are now - if you know please do let us know.


Here is a list of the pages:

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Victorian Art and Artists (1) - photos possibly of artists and dealers in McCulloch's home

Victorian Art and Artists (2) - more photos

Victorian Art and Artists (3) - extracts from the Art Journal showing interior of McCulloch's home

Transcription of the RA catalogue index of the McCulloch Collection of Modern Art  - (archived page)

Index of the McCulloch Collection of Modern Art, with additional links to some of the paintings and artists - (archived page)

Catalogue index of the McCulloch Collection of Modern Art, with additional links to some of the paintings and artists, and cross reference to Special Edition of Art Journal

Attribution of painting of George McCulloch to Barnett Samuel Marks


Sale of the McCulloch Collection of Modern Art in 1913 - mainly transcription of reports of the sale in The Time newspaper, and about the dealers

Paintings sold to Australian galleries in 1913

Master index - sale of the McCulloch Collection of Modern Art incorporating information from the sales at Christies of 1909, 1911 and 1913 and reports in the Times newspaper.

RA catalogue index of the 'McCulloch Collection of Modern Art' cross referenced with buyers and prices


Review of books about George McCulloch and Broken Hill

Review of book The McCulloch Collection, by Lawrence Robert McCallum

The Glasgow Boys (a book review)


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