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List of churches in Malvern

Here is a list of churches in and near Malvern. For photo album of churches click here

Malvern Priory - 2009

Great Malvern Priory in 2009

Many churches were built in Malvern during the nineteenth century as tourism expanded because of the water cure. However as tourism dwindled, many, especially non conformist churches, closed.

Now shops open on Sundays and both parents work, many families say they are too busy at the weekend to attend church.

Here is a list of churches that remain open. Some have large congregations and some small.Links are shown to websites where known.

Many of the Church of England establishments have separate listings on the A Church Near You website - a good place to find a church when you are away from home.

The Church of England

Name of church Location and comment
Malvern Priory Church Street, Great Malvern (the oldest church in Malvern)
Christchurch Avenue Road
St Mary Sherrards Green (a daughter church of Christchurch)
Holy Trinity Link Top, North Malvern
Church of the Ascension At the top of Somers Park Avenue, Malvern Link.
Part of the Parish of Malvern Link with Cowleigh whose website URL is:

St Matthias Malvern Link. Part of the Parish of Malvern Link with Cowleigh. They have a kitchen!
St Peters Cowleigh Bank. Part of the Parish of Malvern Link with Cowleigh.
All Saints Lower Wyche, near the junction of Peachfield Road with the Wells Road
St Andrew's Poolbrook. Popular with young people
St James West Malvern
Little Malvern Priory Little Malvern
St Mary Guarlford. A small village church, which is part of the Benefice of Powick and Guarlford and Madresfield with Newland
St Mary Madresfield. A church founded by the Lygon family of Madresfield Court, which is part of the Benefice of Powick and Guarlford and Madresfield with Newland
St Peters Powick. A historic church on the northern edge of the parish, which is part of the Benefice of Powick and Guarlford and Madresfield with Newland
St James Callow End. A daughter church of St Peters Powick
St Leonards Newland. High Church. Founded by the Lygon family of Madresfield Court. Once linked to Madresfield it is now the chapel of the Beauchamp community.

The burial ground next door comes under the jurisdiction of Madresfield church.
St James Welland, at the cross roads. Recently refurbished to provide a more flexible venue for church and village events.
St Gabriels Hanley Swan, near the cross roads. Has a good car park.
Part of the Church Hope Family which encompasses Upton on Severn and surrounds.

Roman Catholic

St Joseph's Newtown Road
St Wulstan's Little Malvern (where Sir Edward Elgar was buried)
Our Blessed Lady and St Alphonsus Church Hanley Swan; once the church of Blackmore Park

Non Conformist

Eden Church Eden Church has relocated to Grovewood Road, on the edge of the Spring Lane industrial estate, next to the Premier Inn. Modern facilities.
Malvern Baptist Church Abbey Road, built 1893. Up a steep slope.
Methodist Church Lansdowne Crescent, opened 1866
Methodist Church Somers Park Avenue
Malvern Evangelical Church Pickersleigh Road. 'The Rotunda' accessed by slip road not far from garage.
Society of Friends Friends Meeting House, Orchard Road
Salvation Army 62, Newtown Road, present building opened 1926
Holly Mount United Reform Church Worcester Road, Great Malvern, opened 1876.

Sadly Holly Mount closed following the Pentecost service on 9th June 2019 due to the mounting cost of repairs. The congregation hopes to meet at other venues.
United Reform Church Malvern Link, built about 1903
Lyttleton Well Christian Outreach Centre Church Street
Wyche Free Church Jubilee Drive

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When this list was first compiled in 2012 several churches did not have websites, some of those that did have since changed their domain name, and occasionally clicking the old name can have bizarre results. Hopefully the list is currently up to data, but please let us know if any links have stopped working or your church is omitted.