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A tour of Barnards Green shops in 2012

Barnards Green is a small shopping and residential area lying below Great Malvern on the eastern approach from Upton on Severn. Here many of your every day shopping needs will be met.

Since we took these photos some businesses have gone and others have taken their place, but the character of the area is much the same.

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Barnards Green sign  

Approaching from Upton you will pass the Bluebell Inn and the pond before entering Barnards Green. Before the new Pelican crossing you may spot the village sign (see above) on the right.

Barnards Green approach from Upton

As you approach the start of the shops you will see a turning to the left into Geraldine Road where there is a Pay and Display Car Park.

Car park

Walking up from the car park, turn left into the main street where you will see a silver free standing HSBC cash machine.

Cash machine

Next to the cash machine is the Wine Rack, off licence and a Travel agent

Across the road you will see a Toy shop and a Sweet shop where you can sit outside and enjoy an ice cream or milk shake.

Toy shop

The Sweet shop

Sweet shop

This picture shows the view from the seating area by the Sweet shop towards the Wine Rack and Travel agent.


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