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Great Malvern Library and War Memorial



Mobile library


War memorial

Roll of the fallen of the Great War

Roll of the fallen of the Second World War


Library signGreat Malvern library (see photo below) was opened in 1906. The library was built on a water meadow just below Graham Road gifted to the town by Sir Henry Foley Lambert Grey, 7th Baronet, who held the office of High Sheriff of Worcestershire in 1901.

Andrew Carnegie, the philanthropist, gifted 5,000 and C W Dyson Perrins 3,000.

The library was restored in 1967. More recently, to the books were added computers connected to the Internet, council services and a cafe.

In 2014 major changes occurred when the County Council had to make cutbacks and the building now also houses the Job Centre, on the lower ground floor, Registration Services and the Customer Service Centre (known as The Hub).

Malvern library viewed from the old entrance in Graham Road

Photo of Malvern library

The mobile library

The mobile library provides a service to people in outlying villages, currently visiting every three weeks. Contact Malvern library for timetable.

Mobile library vanEmail enquiries should be made to Malvern library


If you can't get to the van, books can be renewed on-line and by phone.

Sometimes renewing books over the internet does not work. In that case call the help desk and ask them to contact the library in Malvern who can usually fix the problem.

To contact the library by telephone dial: 01905 822 722.  This number puts you through to the main library help desk in Worcester, where books can be renewed over the phone.

In 2014, proposals for cutbacks to the mobile library service were being explored by the council in order to make cost savings.


A plaque in the entrance to the library names the benefactors and records the opening in 1906.

Library benefactors

And below a stone records that the architect was Henry Crouch and the builder, James Herbert, of whom nothing is currently known.

Foundation stone

Another plaque records the re-opening of the library after restoration in 1967 by Reg Green, Chairman of the Malvern Urban District Council

Restoration plaque

A further plaque is in memory of Edward Eames Heathfield who was the first chairman of the Malvern public library committee 1902 - 1903, died August 9th 1909. He was the son of a barrister; born Paddington 1841. The census records he was Chief Clerk, Probate Division, High Court of Justice, who retired to Malvern and became a JP.


War memorial

The Malvern war memorial was erected in the front of the library in 1923 and the frontage along Graham Road was given an uplift in 2009 when the hedge was replaced by railings and steps built up from the memorial to a new entrance in Graham Road. Disabled parking spaces were also provided at the north entrance Great Malvern library and war memorial viewd from the steps at the new entrance

Great Malvern war memorial The war memorial was designed by the sculptor Richard Reginald Goulden (1877 - 1932), who designed many memorials after the Great War.

The figure is of a winged youth holding up a flaming torch.

The base of the memorial, which is now difficult to read, is inscribed,



1914 - 1919

The roll of the fallen listing the men of Malvern who died in two World Wars can be found in the entrance to library.

More information about many casualties can be found on the Malvern Remembers website.

Roll of the fallen of the Great War

Memorial to fallen of the Great WarAs you enter the library by the left hand door, opposite you will see a memorial to the fallen of the Great War.

It takes the form of a tryptic. The front panel is hinged on the left hand side, and swings open to reveal a further two panels.

It contains the names of about 400 casualties.

To mark the centenary of the start of the Great War a full transcription can now be found in the Malvern Museum of Local History.

To quote,

A new Roll of Honour has been created and installed in the window of the Twentieth Century Room. The names of 430 men who were killed or died as a result of the Great War are listed. A folder near the window provides additional information for each man.

The inscription of the first panel at Malvern library begins:

These are the names of the men of Malvern who fell in the Great War 1914-1918.

To commemorate their sacrifice, the people of Malvern erected in 1923 in the garden of this library the bronze figure by Richard Goulden, which represents the spirit of youth victorious over difficulties, holding aloft the light he has saved from extinction.

We have transcribed the names onto a separate web page,

Click to see Roll of the men of Malvern who fell in the Great War

Roll of the fallen of the Second World War

To the right of the Great War memorial is a board listing the names of the men and women of Malvern who fell in the Second World War 1939 - 1945.

Memorial to the men of Malvern who died in WWII

The list of some 160 names reads:

Addis C E

Andrews A T

Appleby J E

Appleby T W

Archer J D

Badsey D

Bailey A C

Baldwin M

Baskett J H

Bayliss E

Blackwell E B

Bowers G

Brown H B

Brown L H C

Burley S H

Cartland J A H

Cartland J R H

Childs R W G

Church A

Cleeton J H

Cleek-Brown C

Cole S F

Crisp J L

Crook P J L

Cullen G T

Cumming A I B

Davies A W

Davies R H

Dixon F

Dobie P N

Dorrell A B

Downes W H

Drew J S

Dutson H

Edwards D H

Edwards E

Edwards M J

Edwards V C

Evans J

Evans J R

Evans T W G

Fairburn R

Faulk I G A

Forrester E T

Fudge D

Fuller J O D

Gale C

Garnons-Williams J

Gascoyne G

Gascoyne P

Gatfield J

Gibbs W E

Goodwin T

Gregson J

Grosvenor A

Gwynne A

Harding S

Hardwick R E

Hawthorn R

Hearle M

Heaton J

Hickling F C

Hill W

Hobbins J R

Hodges D J

Holbech E

Hughes E

Hunaban A W

Iles L H

Jackson D A

James T B

Jeacock A

Jeynes A G

Johnson P

Jones A E M

Jones N

Jones W M

Lambert W

Lane J P

Lee A

Lewis R W R

Lindsay D F

Lloyd C

Longbottom J

Lowe C W

Lythgo C

McCarey W A C

McDermott C L

McPherson S J

Martin S H

Masham S E

Mason V R A

Maul R

Milward D H

Moore Q S

Moore S J

Munby P A

O'Brien M P

Oatridge J

Painting W J

Paulley C J A

Perkins A

Phelps A J

Pitchford C J

Plant C

Pounett J

Pound O

Preece J

Price G R

Priestley P H Weston

Pudge L G

Randall J W

Reynolds Phyllis

Richards W

Ross C

Ruberry I E

Savory B T

Seddon J

Seeley G

Short E W

Simmonds W G

Smalley A C A

Smith C G

Smith R F

Smith R J

Smith S

Smith S C

Smith W E

Sparks E J

Stephens J A

Taaffe J J

Taylor G

Taylor P J

Thomas H

Thompson C R

Tout R E G

Tudge E

Tudge F

Tudge R C

Tummey J

Twitty G W

Type J C R

Waldwyn H

Walker p

Wardroper F C

Wells L B

Weston D M

Wheelock G H

White A G

Whittaker A

Wilkins P C

Williams E H

Williams F H

Wilson J

Wood A

Wynter P M D

'Their names liveth for evemore'

Basic information about these casualties can in most cases be found on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website.

Malvern war memorial

The Malvern war memorial was cleaned and restored in 2014.

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